Families Are Forever (LDS Primary 2014 Theme)

January 22nd, 2014 | Posted by Jolyn in Church | Primary - (Comments Off on Families Are Forever (LDS Primary 2014 Theme))

Families Are Forever Primary 2014 Theme

The new LDS primary theme for 2014 is “Families Are Forever.” I love this theme. And I finally got my “Families Are Forever” designs made up. I know, right? Finally! January isn’t over yet! I tried to design something that was mature enough to display in the home, but fun enough to appeal to the primary-aged children (I have to admit that I used my own children as test subjects in this case.) And, ta-da, a fun design featuring the Salt Lake Temple and bright color (this design is available in 25 different colors, so you can find your true match!)

These designs can be found in my Etsy store. The “Families Are Forever” printable prints (in 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10) can be found on my Etsy store here. These are great to print up for either home or church use, or to print up to use as gifts. I also offer this design in large format sizes (11×14 and 16×20), which is great for hanging.

I also have the matching “Families Are Forever” printable tile sheets that are available in 1×1 squares, 1-inch circles, and 2-inch circles. These are very versatile and can be used for making anything crafty – magnets, pendants, scrapbooking, food toppers, etc. Personally, I like using these in magnets for baptism and birthday gifts.

Families Are Forever tiles - LDS Primary 2014 theme

And keep following my Etsy store because I have a few more ideas up my sleeve that I will putting up soon!

Primary Reminder Cards and Stickers 2013 (free printable!)

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Child of God Primary Reminder Stickers 2013 WEB

I know the year is half over, but I decided to design up some 2013 Primary reminder cards and stickers anyway. Better late than never! These reminder cards focus on the 2013 Primary theme of “I Am a Child of God”. And, it just so happens that they also match the other 2013 Primary theme designs that I sell in my Etsy shop (including “I Am a Child of God” 5 x 7 printables¬†in both boy and girl designs, and “I Am a Child of God” tile sheets¬†available in different sizes). These cards/stickers can be given out to Primary children as a helpful reminder that they have been assigned to give a talk, scripture, prayer, or article of faith in Primary. And, because they can be printed on sticker labels, they are pretty handy!

This free printable file can be printed up and used as either Primary reminder cards (just print and cut out), or as Primary reminder stickers (sized to be printed directly onto 2 x 4 shipping label sheets). If printing onto shipping labels, be sure the “scale” is sized to 100% when printing… otherwise, they will just not fit correctly on the labels, no matter how mad you get at your printer!

Click on the link below to download.

Primary Reminder Cards and Stickers 2013: PDF Download

This free download is a 8.5 x 11 PDF file, with 10 cards/stickers per sheet. It is already sized and ready to print out on 2 x 4 shipping label sheets, or simply print and cut out to use as cards. And please remember that although I offer this design as a free download, I still hold the copyright. Download, print, and share, but please do not re-sell or claim this design as your own.