LDS Relief Society Theme (free printable!)

June 5th, 2013 | Posted by Jolyn in Church | Relief Society

Relief Society Theme

When I first set out to create a nice design of the LDS Relief Society theme, I did it mostly for myself. I mean, for all the years I had been in Relief Society, I really hadn’t studied the motto much. It had been on my spiritual to-do list for… well, a long time. I figured that if I set out to design and create something new, knowing that my end result would mean something new and fresh to look at on my wall (plus, it totally complimented my home, which was a bonus), then that would give me good incentive to study it. Right? Right. It was a good thing too. When you delve into the details of a design, you can’t help but learn a few things along the way. And I learned the Relief Society theme! I can honestly say that I feel pretty familiar with it now.

I offer this Relief Society theme design as a free PDF printable, available in different sizes. Get to know it yourself! Download, display, and share. And remember that although this design is offered as a free printable for personal and church use, the copyright remains with me. Please don’t re-sell or claim this design as your own.

Relief Society Theme 11 x 17: PDF Download

Relief Society Theme 5.5 x 8.5: PDF Download (this size fits perfectly inside the cover of a Relief Society manual — which is why this size is currently my favorite!)

Relief Society Theme 4 x 6: PDF Download

Relief Society Theme 4 x 6: JPEG Download (a JPEG for those of you who just want to send it off to a photo center for printing)

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2 Responses

  • Christi Fuller says:

    I am wanting to put the RS theme (decoration) back to back with the YW theme to give out to our sisters in our Ward (and the Laurals). This is exactly what I am looking for! Have you ever considered designing something like this for the YW theme? I would love to see what you could put together!

    • Jolyn says:

      Yea, I’m so glad you found this! I have considered designing the YW theme, but there are so many other great designers out there that have tackled that one that I haven’t tried to do that one myself. I might still do a YW theme design at some point, but I’m waiting for some super design power inspiration to kick in first!